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Quest For Infamy is a classic point and click adventure game, in which you assume the identity of "Mister Roehm" a man trying to start over after running away from a shady past. Welcome to the little town of Volksville only to discover there is so much more going on in the valley than meets the eye!



Roehm is a simple man who wants simple pleasures. Essentially, he's just looking for "a pot to piss in." However, this turns out to be more of a problem than he ever thought it would be. After a rather pleasurable night with a woman named Alyssia, Roehm finds that she's actually the Baron's daughter and the Baron is not a man who respects her privacy. Roehm's excuses come to naught and he is forced to flee. On his way out, Roehm comes across a traveler by the name of Swart who is heading over the mountains and willing to give him a ride in his hay wagon.

Several weeks later Roehm finds himself in a valley and dropped off in front of the town of Volksville. Most of the people are friendly enough but the town is run by an asshole of a sheriff, Rayford, and he doesn't like newcomers in his town. After watching a public execution and getting the lowdown by Rayford himself, Roehm decides that it's best he just leaves. Unfortunately, he finds that all paths leading out of town are blocked. ...Well he could go back the way he came but then the Baron will have his head (or worse).

Realizing he's going to be stuck in town for a while, Roehm decides that he's going to have to make a friend and meets up with three individuals who are willing to teach him a few skills to help him get along. Each one of these individuals wants him to destroy a beast that roams the land. Upon choosing a class and slaying the beast, Roehm is given a secondary task by each (robbing a caravan as a brigand, stealing a bird from the Volksville Mayor as a rogue, or obtaining spell ingredients as a sorcerer) and does the quest so that he is out of their debt. He's okay with these tasks since they pay fairly well and he feels that things are okay.

That is until the next morning when a cult calling themselves the "Morroi" that worship the dark god Taargh show up in town and start to preach out to the people so that they can get new recruits. While Roehm expresses no interest in them, one of the members, a rather "well-endowed" woman seems to be interested in him. Rayford sends the cult off, but he too is interested in Roehm. Later that same day, Gorth, the town bully decides that Roehm is a viable target and Roehm is forced to fight him. While the townsfolk back up Roehm saying it was self-defense, Rayford is disinclined to let him get away with it. Now finding himself caught in the middle of things, Roehm begins to learn of a once-great family "The Killingtons" that lived in the valley and was killed off due to a cursed gem known as the "Eye of Jaager."

The cultist woman returns outside the local pub, introduces herself as "Kayanna" and recruits Roehm for help in finding the gem. Roehm is still reluctant to get involved but explores the valley nonetheless and makes his way to the port city of Tyr. Once in Tyr, he learns more of the family and the curse but he is also called before the mayor of Tyr and finds that he too is an asshole of sorts.

Now desperate to leave the valley, Roehm heads for the bridge across the river that will lead him out of this mess only to find that it has been swept away by the river. Having no choice, Roehm decides to meet once again with the Kayanna. She is no longer in town and so Roehm must find a way to her new location which is close to the temple used by the Morroi. She tells him that she is not a member of the Morroi but a different group that worships the light. She asks Roehm to retrieve the cursed gem for her and at first offers him money, but when this fails she blackmails him into helping by threatening to show Rayford Roehm's wanted poster.

Without any choice Rayford searches for the four pieces of the Killington family crest which will allow him to enter the family tomb where the gem is buried. His search takes him all over the valley and forces him to solve a few puzzles but he eventually succeeds and opens the family tomb. Inside, he manages to open the sarcophagus but before he can retrieve the gem, the bridge-keeper Hummel, arrives and reveals that he wants the gem for himself. Unfortunately, he touches the gem with his bare hands and is transformed into a monster. Roehm is forced to kill Hummel only to be discovered by Rayford who now has caught him without witnesses to back up his story.

Spending the night in jail, Roehm is now told by Rayford that he is to do his dirty work: there is a moonshiner in the South Forest that hasn't been paying his cut. Roehm will retrieve this cut and take care of the moonshiner in the process or he will be arrested and executed. Reluctantly, Roehm carries out the task and brings back the moonshiner's payment. Rayford is pleased by this and tells Roehm that he has another task for him: there is a slaver in Tyr that hasn't been giving his dues either. This time, payment isn't necessary; Roehm is just to kill him. Being a man who can't stand slavers, Roehm carries out this task willingly. After getting past the guards and killing the slaver, Roehm returns and is given ANOTHER task to complete: kill the Morroi leader.

Roehm makes his way to the Morroi temple but is immediately captured and taken prisoner. Rayford appears and reveals that he's been working with the Morroi the whole time. He only wanted Roehm to carry out these tasks so he can lay the blame on him for all that has happened in the valley. Rayford then leaves Roehm to be killed by the Morroi leader Uotarrgh who has been transformed by Taargh and sets his sights on taking down Tyr. However, Roehm is a better fighter than expected and manages to defeat Uotarrgh. Now deciding that he's had enough, Roehm once again tries to escape but is stopped by Kayanna once again. She refuses to take "no" for an answer, and Roehm is forced to have to try and stop Rayford's plans.

Gathering what forces he can Roehm heads to Tyr and proceeds to free the city. Finally, he finds Rayford and the Mayor of Tyr upon the top of the city's lighthouse and confronts them. Rayford kills the mayor and says that too will be pinned on Roehm. The two have a final showdown with Roehm coming out the victor. Once victory against Rayford is attained, Tyr's forces succeed in defeating the rest of his men, Kayanna takes back the Eye of Jaager, and Volksville is free of the tyranny of Rayford.

Several weeks later, the bridge is repaired and word comes to Roehm that the king himself has bestowed him with many wonderful rewards. Roehm is also to meet with the king to receive these rewards. Roehm decides to honor the king's wishes and once again travels with Swart to his new destination.

Meanwhile: A mysterious man near a red crystal notes that the Eye of Jaager has been found and this is the first sign he's been waiting for...

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