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After the execution of Markus Van Houten, three paths become available to you. The paths start at one of three characters. You can safely decline a path once it is offered to you; you will be able to come back if you decide to go for it but once a path is chosen, the other two become unavailable. Though each class works towards the same goal, depending on which of the three different paths you choose it opens up new opportunities, areas of the game and quests. Each class also has a number of achievements unique to them. Thanks to this, it is impossible to unlock everything in a single play through allowing for a lot of replayability.

Path of the Brigand.png

The Path of the Brigand[]

To choose this path, seek out Kurdt in the pub and beat him at the drinking game. Afterwards, he offers you the task of getting the silver teeth from a beast that lives outside of town.

Choosing this path foregoes most chances to rob others (though there are still a couple of locations) as you do not have many opportunities to increase your thievery ability and you have no way of stealthily opening doors. However, as a Brigand, you are able to find and enter the Brigand's hideout where special training dummies are set up allowing you to increase all combat skills by one, once a day. Using this skill, you are often able to one-shot most common enemies.

In combat the Brigand is able to use a special attack if he manages to charge it up by blocking enough attacks. He can also rush his opponent tackling him down in order to escape. This is the only class where you do not have a secondary requirement in-order to flee from combat.

Unique quest opportunities here are to retrieve a runaway horse and rob a caravan in Act I and to safely escort a merchant "BigD" from Tyr in Act II.

As a brigand, your primary way of dealing with obstacals is direct force. You are capable of attacking characters you cannot in other classes, and your sword is the most useful tool in your pack.

Path of the Rogue.png

The Path of the Rogue[]

This path is available from Ian, whom you can find playing a dice game in the cemetery inside Volksville. After playing the game and suspecting him to be cheating, you will be offered the job to get the blood of the beast outside town along with this path.

Choosing this path allows you the most opportunities to steal from others and is the most expensive path to take money-wise. You will need to purchase your thieving tools and any other equipment from the thieves guild and a few merchants around town. While you are capable to stealing some of these items, you are not good enough to steal from your fellow thieves and have a soft spot for a few of the town merchants themselves. However, this path grants you the most "easy money" that the game has to offer. This is the only class that is able to rob the bank and see the inside of the Mayor's house.

Stealth becomes your greatest asset in this class though thievery and climbing also get quite a boost. In this class you must find the thieves guild before you can do any "serious" thieving as it is the only place that you can find a toolkit. Once you have obtained the toolkit it allows you to pick locks in a short mini-game.

In combat, the thief is at the most disadvantage of any class as he cannot hit as hard as the brigand nor can he use spells. However, he does hold a weapon called the "Bladerang" which can hit fairly hard but must recharge after every use. To escape, he must use smoke bombs to confuse his opponent, these must be purchased and if you do not have any, you cannot flee combat.

Unique opportunities for the Rogue are stealing from the Mayor of Tyr, and the Bank of Volksville both of which can be done in Act I.

As a Rogue your primary way of dealing with obstacles is using your items. More than any other class, the Rogue must find creative use for the many items available in the game and is often the only one who has a use for some of them.

Path of the Sorcerer.png

The Path of the Sorcerer[]

The Sorcerer's path is available from Prospero in the magic shop. Propsero initially just offers you the path but if you agree to it, he'll challenge you to a memory card matching game. Success in this game will end up with Prospero telling you that he wants you to kill a beast that wanders outside of town and bring back its head.

Choosing this path allows you to use magic spells and is the only way to open this skill. You will originally start with only a single spell "Flaming Vengeance." However, you are tasked with picking up a number of different items and bringing them to Prospero to learn new spells. One of these spells, "Mystical Lockpick" allows you to open the doors of some of the houses around town enabling you to rob them, but you are never powerful enough to enter into the bank or the Mayor's house. You do not have a magic meter, so spells can be cast repeatedly but do take time to animate. Casting any spell will increase your magic skill and thereby strengthen all of your spells.

Magic is your asset here and you must use the spells that you have learned to make your way through the game. This is the only class in which you do not have to find a unique hideout as Prospero is your mentor and operates freely in town.

In combat, the sorcerer can use spells to fight his opponents which will cause a significant amount of damage or chip damage (depending on the spell) and if it is found, use a spell to heal himself. After using each spell, it takes a while to recharge your magic before you can cast another. After learning the proper spell, "Windstorm" the sorcerer can use it to flee combat.

There are no unique opportunities for the sorcerer but it is the only class where you have no choice but to complete a quest to kill off a necromancer that Prospero has some bad blood with. This is also the only class where you must collect a number of items from around the game to gain spells.

As a sorcerer your primary way of dealing with obstacles is with magic. After learning the spells of the game the sorcerer can use them to overcome nearly anything that crosses his path. Because the items used to learn the spells are free, this is the "cheapest" path that one can take.