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Kit is one of the characters in Quest for Infamy. She is the bartender at the Jolly Rogering in Volksville.

List of Items[]

Name Icon Description Cost
Jolly Rogering Ale Jolly Rogering Ale.jpg We brew it downstairs. It's shite, but it does the trick. 1 Bly
Jolly Rogering Lager Jolly Rogering Lager.jpg Made from the best water and grain. That's what they tell me. I'm no brewmaster - or chemist for that matter. 1 Bly
Kit's Single Malt Whiskey Kit's Single Malt Whiskey.jpg We've got a small supply in, at the moment - it'll put hair on your chest and a smile on your face. 10 Blys
Single Day's Rations Single Day's Rations.jpg I can do you up a single days rations. Only cost you 5 blys. 5 Blys

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