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The enemies in the game are based on fantasy. When combating them, Rohem has four basic moves he can use: the stab, the slash, the bash and parry. Each enemy is weak to a certain attack and the parry can block all attacks if it has a high enough skill level.


Throughout the game you will randomly encounter a number of creatures. Usually, these creatures are lying in wait behind trees and if spotted can be run from, attacked directly (opening combat) or attacked with projectiles and spells weakening or even killing them before combat starts. They will wait for about five seconds for you to decide what to do. After this time, they will charge and attack. While failure to defeat them is an option, it typically doesn't result in a game over.

Picture Name In-Game Description Location Day or Night Weakness HP Loot
Rukiti "It's a Rukiti, cousin to the goblin, except for the red pigmentation of their skin. They're nasty little bastards and cheat at cards." All Forests/ Grasslands Both Slash 25 - 35 Blys
Outlaw "The brute is a bad ass outlaw who lives in the forest and attacks unwary travelers." Volksville Woods Day Slash 24 - 35 Blys, Healing Potion
Wight "It's a Wight, an undead creature of the night. Beware these creatures!" Volksville Woods/

Grasslands/ Graveyard

Night Bash 26 - 34 Blys
Skeleton "These skeletons are like normal living people, except without skin." Graveyard/ Dwarf Mine Night Bash 31 - 40 Blys, Healing Potion
Spider "Spiders are scary. For girls." Northern Forest/ Southern Forest/ Dwarf Mine Both Slash 45 - 50 Venom Sack
Bear "It's a bear." Northern Forest Day Slash 46 - 52 Nothing
Jaguar "The jaguar is a feline predator, closely related to lions and tigers. They're fast and dangerous." Grasslands Day Slash 27 - 31 Nothing
Wolf "Wolves will rip you a new one if they get the chance. And their howl will actually hurt you." Grasslands Night Slash 31 - 40 Fur
Swamp Rukiti.png
Swamp Rukiti "These green skinned Rukiti are cousin to the red skinned variety. They also cheat at cards." Swamp Both Stab 35 - 38 Blys
Giant Snake.png
Giant Snake "These snakes are HUGE!" Swamp Day Slash 36 - 39 Venom Sack
Highwayman "He's a highwayman. Along the coast roads he does ride." Southern Forest Day Stab 45 - 50 Blys, Healing Potion
Dwarf "Dwarves are money hungry, grumpy, short and stocky. They don't like you. It's nothing personal, they just don't like anyone. They do like money though. And gems. And precious minerals." Southern Forest/ Dwarf Mine Day Stab 41 - 48 Blys, Healing Potion
Spectre "You once fought a spectre for nearly an hour as it didn't hurt you as much but it never seemed to die." Northern Forest/ Swamp/ Southern Forest/ Dwarf Mine Night Bash 46 - 55 Blys, Healing Potion
Guard "It's a guard, out to round up any dissidents for Rayford, the biggest knob you now know." Everywhere (Act III) Both Slash 41 - 52 Blys, Healing Potion, Teleport Pill
Cultist (No in-game description) Everywhere (Act III) Both Slash 55 -


Blys, Healing Potion, Teleport Pill


Boss monsters are monsters that must be fought and defeated to continue the game. Unlike most other combat encounters, failure to defeat them will result in the game being over. They will attack you at specific times during the game.

Picture Name Appears HP Weakness
Hundlevorn End of Intro 24 Slash
Gorth Fight.png
Gorth Beginning Act I 37 Slash
Zombie Hummel.png
Hummel End of Act I 45 Bash
Cult Leader.png
Uotaargh End of Act II 65 Bash
Rayford Combat.png
Rayford End of Act III 83 Stab

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