Quest for Infamy Wiki

There are number of in-game Achievements that are earned through game play. Some will be automatically be fulfilled through necessary events and others must be sought out. Many achievements apply to the class that you choose in game, or will directly contradict a different one and thereby it is impossible to complete them all in a single play through. Achievements are grouped into categories based on when they can be obtained with only General Achievements obtainable throughout most of the game, if you fail to complete achievements in their specified acts, they will not become available again. There are 59 achievements in total.

The following is a list of achievements available in the game Quest for Infamy.

General Achievements[]

Icon Name Description
Act 1.jpg Act 1 You've Finished Act 1 of Quest for Infamy. Hooray!
Act 2.jpg Act 2 No more working for Rayford!
Act 3.jpg Act 3 You Win!
You Sneaky Bastard.jpg You Sneaky Bastard You're a Rogue.
Basher.jpg Basher You're a Brigand.
Hocus Pocus.jpg Hocus Pocus You're a Sorcerer.
Working for the Man.jpg Working for the Man You helped out around the docks of Tyr. For Money.
Simply the Best.jpg Simply the Best You defeated every random monster in the Valley of Krasna.
Let there be Light.jpg Let There be Light You released fireflies into the Swamp.
Puzzles are Hard!.jpg Puzzles are Hard! You defeated the puzzle board.
The Great Unpicker.jpg The Great Unpicker You opened the lock. It really wasn't that hard was it?
Perfect!.jpg Perfect! You achieved a perfect score in archery.
Staked Your Claim.jpg Staked Your Claim You gave Voleris the ceremonial dagger to woe her.
Pitched Your Tent.jpg Pitched Your Tent You spent the night outside of town in your tent.
Pisshead.jpg Pisshead You marked your territory on the beast.
Thankfully there's a healer nearby.jpg Thankfully There's a Healer Nearby You thought you were dead for a moment there, but you woke up in Jerrod's feeling much better.
Collector of Useless Crap.jpg Collector of Useless Crap You obtained both the Diamond Tipped Crowbar and the Holy Symbol.
Pretty Good Sorcerer.jpg Pretty Good Sorcerer You mastered your spells to a pretty good level. At least they're more powerful now.
Kick-Ass Sorcerer.jpg Kick-Ass Sorcerer You maxed out your spells! You really kick some ass.
Min-Maxed.jpg You Maxed Out You raised all your skills to 100. That took a lot of effort so, really, well done you.
You Got Coned.jpg You Got Coned You got too drunk and woke up with a cone in your inventory.

Intro Achievements[]

Icon Name Description
Beast Master.jpg Beast Master You killed the Beast. Her name was Johanna if you wanted to know.
Sir Chat-A-Lot.jpg Sir Chat-A-Lot You talked with everyone in Volksville you needed to speak with to progress to the execution.
Cloak Watcher.jpg Clock Watcher You remained idle for about fifteen minutes from the start of the game until the execution.

Act I Achievements[]

Icon Name Description
Burn Baby Burn.jpg Burn Baby Burn You burnt down the oak tree in the grasslands just to get an owl feather. We approve.
He Deserved It.jpg He Deserved It You killed Gorth.
Toast of the Town.jpg Toast of the Town You spared Gorth's life.
You Found It.jpg You Found It You found the Thieves Den while travelling the Rogue's path.
That's a lot of stuff.jpg That's a lot of stuff You found and created all the magic spells for Prospero while travelling the Sorcerer's path.
Horse Lover.jpg Horse Lover You found and delivered Mastadon to Kurdt, your first real task on the Path of the Brigand.
Over an apple.jpg Over an Apple? You killed the Apple Farmer to steal an apple.
Reuniting the Seal.jpg Reuniting the Seal You gathered the four parts of the Killington seal and put them together again.
Good Old Stories.jpg Good Old Stories You listened to all of Japsworth's stories.
Reading is fundamental.jpg Reading is Fundamental You read the books in the Library of Tyr and learned the legacy of the Killington family.

Act II Achievements[]

Icon Name Description
Paying for information.jpg Paying for Information You paid money to the hunter for information.
Paying with food.jpg Paying with Food You paid a dead rabbit to the hunter for information.
He dropped the moonshine.jpg He Dropped the Moonshine! You killed the Moonshiner's Assistant.
Stop Shaking Me.jpg Stop Shaking Me You roughed up the Moonshiner to get his payment.
Killed the Moonshiner.png Killed the Moonshiner You killed the Moonshiner to get his payment.
A Regular Wilberforce.jpg A Regular Wilberforce You killed the Slaver in his bed.
Green is the new white.jpg Green is the New White You wore a disguise to get into the Morroi Temple.
Sewer Rat.jpg Sewer Rat You entered the Morroi Temple through the sewers.
What's his name again.jpg What's his Name Again? You defeated Uotaargh the Morroi Leader in battle.
Blackbeard No Longer Singing.jpg Blackbeard No Longer Singing You stole the bird while travelling the Path of the Rogue.
It's not easy being green.jpg Not Easy Being Green You completed the Necromancer Quest.
Kraken Good Times.jpg Kraken Good Times You killed the Kraken and took its lungs.
You look like a dwarf.jpg You Look Like a Dwarf You looted every available container, drum and stash in the mines.
You picked..the easy way.jpg You Picked... Easy Way You raided the caravan and chose to do so the easy way.
You picked..the hard way.jpg You Picked... Hard Way You raided the caravan and chose to do so the hard way.
I know the way.jpg I Know the Way You escorted Big D to his destination as part of your journey on the Brigand's path.
Expert Thief.jpg Expert Thief You broke into all the houses you could.
Poor Paw.jpg Poor Paw You drained Markus' head of its blood, then came back and stole his brain.

Act III Achievements[]

Icon Name Description
Jan loves you.jpg Jan Loves You You convinced Jan to join you.
An Arrow through your heart.jpg An Arrow Through Your Heart You rescued the Arrows in the Battle of Tyr.
A Paladin loves you.jpg A Paladin Loves You You freed Rayford's prisoners.
That bastard deserved worse!.jpg That Bastard Deserved Worse! You killed Rayford.
Friends in high places.jpg Friends in High Places You rescued members of the Council of Tyr.
Smoked!.jpg Smoked! You used the sleeping smoke bombs obtained from Jerrod to gain access into Tyr.
Don't mess with a fat man.jpg Don't Mess With a Fat Man You spared Rayford so Jan could kill him.